Plumbing Issues To Be Aware Of When Landscaping

Landscaping is one of the major activities that can go a long way in increasing the value of your home. If you do it right, it could also convert your home into a paradise that every other homeowner would love to associate with.

However, before you start landscaping, you should not start digging and do everything else you feel should be done without considering several issues.

The first thing you should do is ensure that your landscaping doesn’t interfere with the integrity of your soil and cause erosion because this could spell disaster to your outdoor space. Secondly, make sure that your noble activity doesn’t interfere with your plumbing system.

Below are some plumbing problems you should beware of when landscaping;

Damage of underground utility pipes by roots

When you plant different species of trees, your garden will become an epitome of beauty, and will bring out an ambience that will convert your home into a glamorous small heaven on earth. But even with this, you may sometimes notice that you are not getting enough water in your house, or you are not getting it at all while everyone else in the neighbourhood has it. In such a situation, do not blame your water company. There is a high chance that roots have found refuge in the underground pipes, as they try to get enough water to stay alive.

As plants grow taller, they become stronger. This way, they need more nutrients and water to grow. The roots will without hesitation go deeper into the ground in search of water. Ultimately, they will get in contact with underground pipes. Since some of them will not stop growing, they will force their way into the pipes and clog the. This will exert unnecessary pressure and cause leakages.

In your landscaping quest, don’t ignore root damage. For you to prevent future damages from occurring, below are some of the plants you should not plant in your garden:

  • Holly bushes
  • Willows
  • Ivy
  • Birch
  • Oaks

In case you love these plants and you have to plant them, then be prepared to make numerous calls to your plumber to fix drains and leakages.

Blocked pipes caused by tree root infiltration can be a major problem in your garden

Sewer leaks

A sewer leak is one of the worst plumbing problem any home owner can go through. It can cause damage to various parts of the home, not to mention that it can force you to relocate to another place thanks to the foul smell it tags along.

Since you don’t want to always call a plumber to fix a leaking sewer, avoid trees and other plants whose roots will penetrate deep into the ground and force their way into the sewer system.

In case you have terracotta or clay pipes in your sewer system, know that you are more prone to the problem. You can call a plumber to replace these pipes with concrete or PVC ones.

How to prevent common plumbing problems during landscaping

To help mitigate plumbing problems when landscaping;

Plan your landscape- never proceed with landscaping without a proper plan. Before you start, you can consider calling a plumber who will help you identify the areas your pipes are located so that you can avoid them when planting trees.

Block root growth- one of the easiest ways to block roots growth is by burying metal and wood barriers in areas you will plant some types of trees. Also, chemicals such as copper sulphate and potassium hydroxide can help you in this quest.

Schedule inspection and maintenance exercise before landscaping- call a professional plumber for inspection and maintenance services before landscaping. He will use advanced technology to check for roots that have blocked the plumbing system, and come up with solutions that will not compromise the beauty of your garden.